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Why China needs 3D Printing

China remains the number one manufacturing country, followed by the United States. However, noticing that new technologies enable Western companies to automate their manufacturing industries is not a national security guarantee. China’s labor costs have been rising, and the country is no longer even one of the top 10 countries in the world with the lowest labor costs. Of course, the general situation in Asian countries has improved, but does this mean that China is still successful?

As Bangladesh’s average working hour is 23 cents per hour and Madagascar’s hourly wages are even below 20 cents, the result is that Western companies have shifted their operations to these countries, not China, resulting in a terrifying 2013 plant disaster at Banglasesh. In addition, oil and transportation costs have become more and more expensive, meaning returning their businesses to Western countries can bring more profits to Western companies. For this reason, General Electric Company (GE) has decided to “re” to other large companies such as the United States, Whirlpool and Ford and small businesses are also seriously follow the example of GE.

It is expected that the big 3d printer will take ovyer a lot of manual work, which means the company will reduce its dependence on manpower. Is this the downfall of China? of course not. A very striking thing about China is that recently China has been very innovative in the field of 3D printing. China has built the largest 6-meter  Diameter 3D printer. It is expected that such 3D printers will soon be able to print automotive-sized metal objects. The country even hopes to be the number one 3D printing nation in the world and to stay ahead of the western world. This runs counter to the recent UK and U.S. investments in 3D printing. Is 3D printing a new tool for the economy to become a world leader? So far, this is for sure.