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Which 3d printer is the most suitable for you?

Choose your best 3d printer

We always received a question from our readers: ‘What are the best 3D printers for beginners?’. Well it depends on what you wonder learn / make. There are a few questions you might want to ask yourself when choosing which 3D printer is best for yourselves:

  1. Are you most interested in how a 3D printer works?
  2. Are you most interested in the end result / creating objects?
  3. Are the 3D printers be safe to use?

How to 3D Model

Assembling a DIY kit is not the only way to learn how to 3D print. 3D printing consists of both the hardware and the software. If you wish to focus more on the latter, buying a pre-assembled 3D printer might be a good plan. Choose a pre-assembled 3D printer then you don’t want to worry about the hardware and just want it to work – a plug-and-play machine that takes away the problem of tweaking electronics.

Choose a safe 3d printer

Of course, choose a safety printer is the most important point while you are considering which 3d printer is suitable for you.

3D Printing Techniques

In total, there are seven different types of 3D printing technologies. In this case, when we talk about 3D printers for beginners, we mean desktop 3D printers – the ones small enough to fit on your desktop. Therefore we can focus on two 3D printing technologies, FFF / FDM and SLA. What’s the difference between these technologies? Easier to say: FFF / FDM 3D printers use strings of plastic filament or plastic pellets as a 3D printing material and SLA 3D printers use a liquid resin.

All in all, choosing a right 3d printers for yourselves is important, considered carefully what you need firstly. Our printers are also a good choice for you, especially our T-REX 2+, it's an independent dual extruder 3d printer with the most reasonable price, any confusions, feel free to contact us with e-mail: