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Formbot T-REX 2+ large printing size Multi-function big 3d printer

       Welcome to 3d Printing World

  T-REX 2+
is our top sales goods. What is the reason that so many people like to buy it? Don't worry, i'll show you the details.
  We have two models of T-REX 2+, one build size is 400*400*500, the another one is 400*400*700. But the program is same. Aren't they are large size? Let me introduce the characteristics for you.
   1. Independent Dual Extruder Mode
It has independent dual extruder, you can move another one to edge when you just need one extruder, because it has the ability to move extruder seperately from each other. For this design, you will not see any blobs or other irregularities on the object's surface.
   2.Duplicate Mode
For printing two same objects simultaneously, so as to achive low-volume production/prototyping.
   3.Industrial Linear Guide+TBI Ball Screw
Compared to ordinaryplastic pulleys, industrial linear guide can provide higher linear precision. Compared to trapezoidal lead screw, TBI screw can eliminate the clearance, better for auto bed leveling. So they'll bring more smooth surface, higher printing accuracy and longer service lifespan.
It only need 1 minute to replace the hotend, so convenient. You can switch different size of hotend easily. Moreover, it can take the best profit of IDEX system by combining different nozzel sizes.
   5.Unified bed leveling with BL Touch Sensor
It probes 225 points on the print bed, collect the dates and store them in EEPROM. So it's more precise than ordinary mesh leveling. What's more, you only need execute it once before first printing.
   6.Extruder wiping System
Before extruder start printing, it primes and wipes the nozzel automatically, so as to keep the nozzel and model clean.
   7.Customized Print Bed
It has strong adhesive after spread PVP biogum, you can print many kinds of filament on it without heating pad, such as PLA, PVA, TPU, Wood, MetalFill, Carbon Fiber, Multicolor and so on.
   The above are standard models, we also have 3 parts for your optional.
   1.Dual Zone Heating Plate
If you need to print ABS, HIPS, Nylon and so on filament, you should to choose it. It has two heating areas, inner zone 200*200, outer zone 400*400.
   2.High Temperature Extruer
The extruder can reach 350° exactly.
   3.TTL L aser Engaraving
The laser engraver can work on paper, wood ,PMMA and even fabrics. All designs can be carved vividly.
Top Features:
  • 400x400x700mm Build Size                          
  • Independent Dual Extruder(IDEX)                             
  • Industrial Linear Guide
  • TBI Ball Screw
  • Quick-replaceable Hotend
  • UBL Auto Bed Leveling
  • Extruder Wiping System                       
  • Customized Print Bed
  • Dual Zone Heating Plate(Optional)                                   
  • High-temp. Extruder(Optional)                                      
  • Laser Engraver(Optional)
  Come on, do not be hesitate any more, join us now!! Trust me, buy our large format 3d printer is your best choose!